• In November we love: Love to Ride

    In December we've partnered with Love to Ride UK on their month-long Winter Wheelers campaign. Winter Wheelers is a cold-busting campaign designed...
  • Brands we love: October

    As part of our mission to encourage more outdoor journeys to work, with multi-purpose products designed for every day commuters, we want to highlight the brands we've found and loved along the way. 

    They might be a clothing brand, a sports brand, or even an accessory brand. The only criteria we have is that they create functional, straight-forward no-nonsense products that enhance the every day commute – just like our trousers. 

  • Our story

    The idea for M1LE sprang from our London living room back in 2018, when we were losing patience with trousers that got obliterated by the five day...