Brands we love: October


As part of our mission to encourage more outdoor journeys to work, with multi-purpose products designed for every day commuters, we want to highlight the brands we've found and loved along the way. 

They might be a clothing brand, a sports brand, or even an accessory brand. The only criteria we have is that they create functional, straight-forward no-nonsense products that enhance the every day commute – just like our trousers. 

To kick things off, this month we're highlighting the modest, yet essential, 'ASS SAVER'.  

"Whether you commute to work or race in the UCI World tour, the Ass Saver Regular saddle mudguard will keep your butt dry and dramatically increase the comfort on cold and wet rides." (From the Ass Savers themselves)

When we say we're obsessed with the Ass Saver, we're not lying. Lightweight, easy-to-fit, and mega cheap – what more could you want?!  

I've got the regular Ass Saver installed on my Cannondale road bike, bought via Wiggle here. We're obviously chomping at the bit to design custom M1LE ones, but have a few product lines to focus on first. 

Know a brand you think we should highlight next? Email us: