One year. 365 days of existence.

To mark the occasion we want to share with you what we’ve learnt so far.

But first, let’s backtrack a little. 

At 12:00 on 28 July 2021 we launched M1LE on Kickstarter. By 00:00 on the 31st we were fully funded. 

In just three days, enough of you believed in what we wanted to do to put your hand in your pocket and support us. 

By August, we placed our very first order for 500 trousers. And just a few weeks later, the first pairs of M1LE trousers were out and about earning their keep – keeping their owners comfortable and dry.

Between then and now we’ve been featured on the BBC Homepage, you’ve helped us raise awareness and funds for peer-to-peer grief and mental health charity The New Normal, and we experimented with developing a pair of shorts to combat the summer heatwave. 

The most surprising thing so far in this whole story has been the level of debate that our back pockets have ignited. Probably the last thing that we were expecting. Some of you love them, some of you want them gone – either way everyone has something to say about them. So we’ve upgraded the existing collection to secure the pesky pockets down inside permanently should you hate the sight of them. 

Our plan for year two will be increasing our sizing options for more diverse body shapes, and legs long and short – plus, fundraising for the long awaited Women’s version. As a team of 90% women, we’re embarrassed we didn’t predict this demand. Hopefully their debut will fulfill your greatest expectations. 

Thank you to the original 60 Kickstarter backers who brought this project to life, and thank you to all of you who've joined us along the way on this journey so far.

We hope that you stick with us through the coming year, and many more to come.



October 11, 2022 — Megan McCann