In the beginning of December 2022, London-based cycling race team One Life Cycle travelled to Mexico City to race the inaugural Track or Die Alleycat. 

Team riders Mat and Claudio were both prepared and focused on doing their very best! Mexico streets are dangerous and tested them to their very limit.

Over 120 racers took part with Mat and Claudio coming in top ten – with Claudio taking 3rd Out of Towner. A fantastic result for the team.

Mat says; “This race gave me a chance to wear my M1LE LONDON trousers and to test them out live. Apart from their comfort it’s the reflective markings on the backside that I was most impressed with. We had sections of the race where we were exposed on motorways and knowing my backside was shining brightly made me feel very seen and safe!"

January 05, 2023 — Megan McCann