At M1LE we advocate for conscious consumerism, and believe that every small change has an impact. Transparency at all points is important to us, and means a M1LE customer knows exactly what kind of company they’re buying from. 

We’re developing a product line that aims to address the issues associated with fast fashion and peak consumerism, by creating simple ‘all day, everyday’ items that can be worn across multiple scenarios.

For our limited batches of commuter trousers, we've focused on three core actions we can implement to directly improve our impact on the environment.

These are:

1. Long-lasting designs

Our trousers are season-less, classically designed, and hard-wearing.

M1LE collections will always be multi-purpose, multi-functional and adaptable – and remain longer-lasting than high street alternatives (many of which are replaced every 4 to 6 months). 

We encourage you to visit our friends The Seam for any garment repairs you may need, as they can link you to a local maker – making sure your clothes last longer.  

2. Repurposing previous collections is a part of our goal to become carbon neutral

We encourage all customers to send their trousers back to us when they are no longer wanted so that we can repurpose the materials – building a circular and carbon neutral product with multiple after-lives.

To find out more about this, click here. 

3. Confronting our carbon footprint and improving our supply chain

This year, we're aiming to move the bulk of our supply chain to the United Kingdom and Western Europe to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible. Our first trouser (v1) was produced in China, but all products released in 2023 (and beyond) will be manufactured either in Europe at a large-scale factory run on renewable energy or in London, United Kingdom at a not-for-profit social enterprise. 

We also work with Ecologi and a Greenhouse Gas auditing consultant to track, benchmark and review each element of our current supply chain.


We talk more about our sustainability efforts via our blog posts. Read these here

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