Our story

The idea for M1LE sprang from our London living room back in 2018, when we were losing patience with trousers that got obliterated by the five day work week.

We were struggling to find an affordable workwear brand that could survive more than a few months of commuting, working and socialising – often having to purchase the same item multiple times. Not ideal.

Our commutes varied: one of us cycling 30 minutes each way, while the other walked to the office in an hour. A third housemate who had an hour commute by bike and a shower at the office, worshipped at the altar of lycra. 

So, with two of us struggling to commute in workwear, and a third housemate completely removing it from his commute, we set out to build a hybrid workwear-meets-performancewear brand that could adapt to the individual.


We’ve been developing a product line that aims to address the issues associated with fast fashion and peak consumerism, and solve many of these problems with a simple ‘all day, everyday’ item that can be worn across multiple scenarios.

Our core goal has been to make technical clothing items that look and feel good. For our first run, there will be a small number of trousers available in two classic colours – black and navy.

We are limiting production to no more than 250 pairs per colour, in an attempt to minimise our impact on the environment and ensure that we can control the quality of our products from the very beginning. 

While our first collection is a pair of mens’ trousers, we see ourselves as a unisex brand. In the future, we plan to launch future lines for everyone.