The idea for M1LE came about when a group of like-minded creatives struggled to find clothes that could survive the rigours of the working week. 

Train, tube, cycling. Work, friends, exercise. Sun, rain and everything else. Nothing seemed to survive more than a few months of intense wear. Our routines varied but we all shared the same very irritating problem.

So we set out to create a pair of trousers that could do it all - look good and perform. From bike to the boardroom if you will.

In 2021, after a lot of testing, our 'do-it-all trousers' were born. Funded on Kickstarter and produced in limited batches, our trousers are for people who don’t want to feel restricted by what they wear and want to feel comfortable wherever they go. However they get there. 

Cycle, walk or jog to your destination safe in the knowledge that you’ll always turn up looking good.